You CAN do something.

Wildfires, hurricanes, floods and landslides. Climate change is driving up temperatures and increasing the occurrence and severity of “natural” disasters. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of all this. It’s all so overwhelming it’s hard to imagine what you or I can do that would really make a difference.

You CAN do something: You can plant trees. You can support our work planting trees.Trees fight climate change and Friends of Trees plants 50,000+ trees and native shrubs every year throughout Western Oregon and Southwest Washington. Thanks to generous support from friends like you we’ve planted 700,000 trees and native shrubs in neighborhoods and natural areas over the past 28 years. We need your help to keep planting trees and to plant more trees. Trees cool our planet and fight climate change, and we need trees now more than ever.

You can do something.

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Thank you.