Business & Corporate Sponsorship

Partnering with Friends of Trees is great: for business, for the environment, for community

64% of Friends of Trees volunteers would “definitely” or “more likely” support a business if it provided financial support to Friends of Trees.*

(*source: FOT volunteer survey)

That’s really something to think about, particularly considering that we work with 6,000+ volunteers every year!

Your support of Friends of Trees delivers a triple bottom line—and then some—because when you sponsor a tree-planting event with us:

  • You reach an engaged, supportive audience.
  • You’re helping increase the urban tree canopy and restore sensitive natural areas.
  • You’re building community through supporting events that bring together thousands of volunteers.
  • You have access to a turn-key event that is great for employee team-building and volunteer opportunities.
  • You’re giving back to your community.

Friends of Trees’ reach

  • 17,000 Treemail (e-newsletter) recipients
  • 13,000 Facebook likes
  • 8,600 Twitter followers
  • 1,800 Instagram followers
  • 186,000 Unique website visits annually


2016-17 Planting Season at a glance

  • 53,681 trees and native shrubs planted
  • 6,000+ community members volunteered
  • 122 separate volunteer events
  • 17 cities, 6 counties across 2 states

The 2017-18 planting season is upon us! We have 100+ events scheduled across 6 counties in 2 states and we’d love to include you!

Sponsorship benefits include name exposure to thousands of community members through our seasonal planting calendar; social media engagement; the opportunity to provide opening remarks at a tree-planting events; listing on Friends of Trees’ Business Partner web page; tickets to our annual awards event, your logo on tree tags. Higher-level benefits include your logo on the tree-planting event calendar, e-news stories, Garry Oak at an event … and more!

Please contact Sam Erman to discuss how we can work together to create a meaningful sponsorship opportunity for all of us.

Sam Erman
Corporate & Business Relations Specialist

We look forward to working with you!